A playable illustration about smart houses, giant robots & small jokes
Made with Bitsy
Use arrow keys and bump into things


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This is so darling!!! I love what you did with the room switching. All of the art is so aesthetically tiny! 💕


Thank you so much Emma! I like tiny things hehe 🐌


this is super cute!! I love this giant robot house and their caring messages<3

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this small game <3


This is honestly the cutest thing <3 I want to live here t-t

Thank you! The rent is free as long as you manage to find your way to the house. And there's free oolong!


ah this was cute! also I can get down with some oolong and snail dreams haha

Thank you! :D
Snail dreams are the best dreams imo


Merci beaucoup ce petit moment, c'est vraiment très beau :)

Merci à toi d'y avoir joué :D Et je suis content que ça t'ait plu !!


I love the room changing effect! Very compact and cozy.

Thank you! I wanted a small and contained space, glad to hear it worked :)


This was incredibly cute! :)

Thank you very much! :D