Visit the Museum and contemplate its collection of fossils.

IMPORTANT: The fossil exhibition is meant to be a companion of Fossils, a digging game made at the same time. These two games were designed as a two-part experience, so please play Fossils first (it's pretty short), and come back for the exhibition after!

Use the arrows to move and move towards a label to read it.

Have a nice play!


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is he dead?

this is cute! i like the giant skull commentary xD 


Thank you! I had lots of fun writing those commentaries :D

Aaah, I don't wanna meet the monster to the giant skull, But well, maybe it' d be nice?

I'm sure the dino skull will be a great attraction :)

I think if it's that big, it shouldn't be afraid of you so it wouldn't be aggressive. Perhaps it likes tea!

I'm certain too, whenever it will be delivered!