a playable illustration about new projects and slight anxieties
made with Bitsy
use arrow keys and eat the salad


if you want to follow my future things, you can follow me on twitter: @Remi_Tootata


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love the style. good luck on ur games :)

Thank you! :D


what a wonderful game. The best and sweetest small step I ever seen.


Thank you very much, that's very kind of you!


Good luck !



Beautiful sentiment

Thanks 😊 


love this <3 

Thank you so much marsmella! :D


<3 smol steps



Good luck with finding your feet again!

Thank you very much! :)


I'll probably play your game again when I'll need motivation and courage to start my own projects. Thanks for this tiny poetic journey <3

Thanks a lot Agathe :D I'm excited to see what great projects you'll be working on!