A walk in the cloudy countryside.
"The river is a bit agitated today. A storm might be coming. Be safe!"

Use arrow keys to walk and bump into coloured things if you like.


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The art in this is so crisp, clean, and beautiful! I love all the little vignettes along the walk. And using an overworld for the return journey is such a nice way to reflect on the events of the stroll - a literal change in perspective!


Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it.
I had so much fun making the overworld map for the ending - and have you noticed that everytime you go on a walk, the return seems much much shorter?


this was super duper cute!!! nice work, i loved the pixel art. c:

Thank you so much!! :3


quite nice sequence ~

Thank you very much! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

: )



That lightning bolt may be the most artful thing I've seen in games all year. Thank you so much for this.


Ho wow thanks to you!! I wouldn't be so confident to think that myself, haha. But if you appreciated it then I will take it as a success :D


Atmospheric and sweet!

Thank you very much :D