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good game

Great use of kishoutenketsu concept!

A good first! I would play more. I can see this concept getting devilishly difficult 

honestly im stuck at the frog part :( its embarrassing 

This is a wonderful little game.

Thank you very much ! I'm glad you liked it.

For some reason I got crazy stuck when I played this when it came out.  Just got to the end now when I tried it again.  I  like it - it's very pretty!  Thank you for the lovely game!

Well, thank you for the lovely comment ! I'm really glad you enjoyed it (I remember when you got stuck last year, it is nice that you came to beat it !). 

Same thing happened to me! I'm not sure why but coming back just now it seemed much easier. I think I was making it more complicated in my head than it actually was

Wow, those frogs were not easy! Great little game. Thanks!

Loved it, excellent work!

Thank you so much ! :D